The launch of the Apple Watch had the internet’s army of jokers in full flow as they rushed to post pictures of their own version of the gadget.
苹果公司发布了智能手表Apple Watch,这让网上的吐槽军团跃跃欲试,他们纷纷发布图片,展示自己个人版本的Apple Watch。

The real thing syncs with an iPhone to show notifications and can track the wearer’s heart rate – and it’s set to cost $349 when it goes on sale early next year.

But for those who just couldn’t wait until then, or afford the official version, a common theme quickly developed in which a plain old apple was strapped to the user’s wrist.
但是有些人不愿意等到明年,或者买不起行货,他们用一只普普通通的苹果绑在手腕上,造出了山寨版的Apple Watch。

But a few more inventive souls were able to take the joke a bit further - either by eating the apple, having it tell the time or, as one more creative type managed, actually carving a watch out of the fruit.

The carved version was created by Japanese Twitter user.

He carved a red apple into a classic wristwatch design with a rounded face – although Apple’s version was rectangular and less sticky to the touch.

Twitter user @christonation strapped a red apple to his wrist using tape before writing the time in digital format on the ‘face’.

@findwin simply placed an apple on top of his existing watch, while maverick Firanglani on Instagram placed his watch around the apple.

Instagram user Calumdilieto even ate the apple and placed the remains on his watch, making reference to the watch’s ‘core’ processor.