The handsome, astonishingly fit Officer Kohrs, with the San Francisco Police Department, has been sending hearts aflutter ever since one of his admirers shared a picture of the photogenic law enforcement official in the line of duty.

The photo has begun the 'hot cop' craze. As of Thursday morning, the fan page boasted more than 14,000 ‘likes,’ and counting.

Mr Kohrs, 36, has been described as law enforcement’s answer to convicted felon Jeremy Meeks, 30, whose mugshot shared on Facebook last month became a social media phenomenon.

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Meeks, who is facing a federal gun possession charge, has been signed by a Hollywood agent from behind bars.

Kohrs also has been enjoying his newfound fame, which so far has earned him fawning media coverage in the local press.

But the buff cop with movie-star good looks is not just a pretty face:Those who know Kohrs say that no only is he easy on the eyes, but he is also charming and good at his job. in his years on the force Kohrs came to the aid of a woman who was being mugged and restrained a would-be robber with his bare hands.

Kohrs now has fans from coast to coast and far beyond, including in France (where he is said to be huge), in Yemen and even in Saudi Arabia.

On his part, Chris Kohrs said he is flattered by all the attention.