George Osborne refused to answer a simple times table as a panel of children quizzed him on his maths skills.

Asked to give the answer to 7x8 by Samuel Raddings, aged 7 from Manchester, one of the panel’s youngest interviewers, the Chancellor said he made it a "rule in life not to answer a load of maths questions".

Samuel helped out the Chancellor pointing out with no hesitation that 7x8 equals 56.

The young interviewer from a panel of readers of First News - the UK's first national newspaper for young people - had previously asked Mr Osborne whether he was “good at maths”.
First News是英国第一家面向年轻人的全国性报纸。这名小记者是该报的一名读者。他在此前曾问奥斯本财长的数学是否很好。

The Chancellor said he had done a “maths A-Level” and had been “tested at school”.

“Of course there is a lot of maths in my job but it is also about making judgments about where the Government should spend its money”, he added.