"Supernatural" is about to get a rare dose of estrogen.

When The CW's long-running hit series returns this fall for Season 10, a new female character named Rowena will recur, TVLine reports. So who is Rowena?

According to the site, Rowena is "a tough but elegant." No word yet on whether she'll be a friend or foe to the Winchesters, but here's another interesting piece of info on this new character: The show is looking to cast an actress with a Scottish accent, or someone that can convincingly portray one. Does that mean Rowena will have a connection to Crowley's son Gavin?

The Season 10 premiere is currently titled "Soul Survivor," so is there hope for Dean, who woke up in the Season 9 finale as a demon? Let's hope so.
《邪恶力量》第十季首播集标题叫做《Soul Survivor》,这是不是意味着在第九季被魔鬼上身的Dean在第十季有望清醒过来呢?希望如此。