1. "Excuse me, do you knowswheresthe Shuang'An Market is?"
Answer: "Yes, as a matter of fact I do.Do you need directions? "
Alternative sentence: "Excuse me, do you know how to get to the Shuang'An Market?"Use this when asking for directions.
问路的另一说法为: "Excuse me, do you know how to get to the ShuangAn Market?" (打扰一下,双安商场该怎么走?)这句话也可以用来问路。
2."Is it far from here?"Answer: "Yeah, it's pretty far actually if you're going by foot."
Alternative sentences: "How far is it from here?" and "Is it nearby?"Ask this to find out the distance toswheresyou want to go.
它离这儿远吗?还可以说"How far is it from here?"(离这儿有多远?)或"Is it nearby?" (在附近吗?)通过问这句话,你可以知道你的目的地具体有多远。
3."Can I take a bus there?"Answer: "You could take a bus, but a taxi would bemuch more convenient."
Alternative sentence: "Can I go by bus?"When using the "go by" structure, bus can be substituted with other modes of transportation; i.e., "Can I go by taxi?" or "Can I go by foot?"
我可以乘公车去那儿吗?还可以说"Can I go by bus?" (我可以乘公共汽车吗?)当用"go by..."这一结构时,可以用其他交通方式来替换bus。比如"Can I go by taxi?" (我可以打的吗?)或"Can I go by foot?" (我可以吗?)。
4."Are there any landmarks nearby?" Answer: "Yeah, it's right across the street from a post office."
Asking this can help you to clarify the directions. You can also ask "What's the closest major intersection?"
那儿附近有什么标志性建筑物吗?这个句子使指引的方向更清晰一些。当然也可以问一下"What's the closestmajorintersection?" (最近的重要的十字路口是哪个?)。
5."How long will it take by taxi?" Answer:"It should take about 20 minutes by taxi."
To go someplace "by taxi" means to take a taxi there.You can also say that you want to "cab it"; i.e., "The club is too far to walk to, let's cab it!"
打车去需要多长时间?打车去某地,是"go there by taxi"或"take a taxi there",也可以说"cab it"。例如:"The club is too far to walk to, let's cab it!" (那个俱乐部走着去太远了,咱们打的去吧!)。