Pedro Pascal didn't let some "Game of Thrones" head keep him down. After his exit on the HBO hit, it's been announced that Pascal will star in Netflix's new drama "Narcos."
Pedro Pascal在《权力的游戏》中扮演的多恩亲王被爆头而死。不过在他离开这部HBO电视剧没多久,Netflix宣布他将会加入该网站新剧《Narcos》。

Deadline reports he'll play Javier Pena, a "Mexican DEA agent sent to Colombia on a U.S. mission to capture and ultimately kill" Pablo Escobar, the infamous Colombian cocaine kingpin. Wagner Moura will play Escobar.
据Deadline报道,他将会扮演一个名叫Javier Pena的墨西哥缉毒署派往科伦比亚执行任务的探员,他的任务是抓住并最终杀掉著名的科伦比亚毒贩中心任务Pablo Escobar。Wagner Moura将会扮演Escobar这个角色。

Jose Padilha will direct the series and Chris Brancato will write it. The true story will premiere on Netflix in 2015.
该剧将会由Jose Padiha导演,Chris Brancato编剧。剧集将会在2015年在Netflix网站开播。