A stateswoman who has a stone heart and high opinion of herself and always make deliberate choices; a celebrity who is sensitive and face the time of depress with intended humor; a working mom who is naturally enthusiastic and calm; a woman who just comes out of the temptation to ruin herself and wants to save the world; a very divergent CIA agent; an optimistic woman-officer; a woman warrior who comes out of her timid past of being a sex slave.
一个冷酷无情,自视甚高,总在斟酌选择的女政治家;一个感性的,用刻意的幽默面对压抑时代的女名流;一名天生热情而又冷静兼具的职业母亲;一位刚从自毁倾向中恢复,却想要拯救世界的女人;一个性格两极分化的 CIA 特工;一位乐观开朗的女官员;一名从胆小的性奴隶成长为英勇的女战士。

These are the heroines of the House of Cards, Parade's end, The Good Wife, Enlightened, Homeland security, Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones.

They are very different, but have one thing in common: you can’t see women like this on TV before.

Today, another rush of female characters that break out the dull routine springs up.

They are working ladies and good wives; they are willing to love and hate, but not crave for marriage; they cheat or be cheated, yet still stick to their marriage; they are flawed, even mentally ill, but never get beaten by these weaknesses.

The most important of all, they make mistakes, they maybe despair, but they move on.

Clare Underwood from the House of Cards

She’s afraid to be mediocre, so she makes deals with the devil, only to find out that the devil is even more mediocre than she is.

Silvia from Parade's end

She’s nothing but the character from the original work, she sees through the imprisonment and dissoluteness of the time, she laughs at it, and comes to the moral high ground of the dynasty of Edward.

Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones

These characters make us feel brand new, for they make the surprising yet reasonable decisions, which reveals their true humanity.

Kelly Marcy from Homeland security

Birth control, equal pay for equal work and Lycra fiber, these landmarks give women more freedom.

Leslie from Parks and Recreation

To women the meaning of freedom is more. She is unflaggingly optimistic, she has the most noble and absurd ideal. Her marriage is also very important, always involved with the main development line of the story, which may take up one or two episodes.

Amy Jericho from Enlightened

She puts all the hopes, anxiety and clumsiness together, which makes her who she is.