The business world is full of animal idioms like fat cats, loan sharks and other animals.
商务中充满了像fat cats——有钱有势的人,loan sharks——高利贷债主,和含有其它动物的习语。

Indeed, the business idiom fat cats has been widely used in the last few years to describe all those bankers who have earned huge bonuses during the credit crunch.
事实上,fat cats近几年用来形容所有在信贷危机中赚了一大笔的银行家。

As an English Language Learner, if you want your English to sound more natural especially when dealing with native speakers, using some of these business idioms in the correct way would certainly help.

In this blog post, I’d like to concentrate on our two favourite domestic animals, the cat and dog. I’ve selected just ten, but there are plenty more out there.

1. Let sleeping dogs lie – do not make trouble if you don’t have to.
1. Let sleeping dogs lie——不要自找麻烦

Ex: “There’s absolutely no point pursuing this issue. We should just let sleeping dogs lie“.

2. Not enough room to swing a cat – not enough space.
2.Not enough room to swing a cat——没有足够的空间

Ex: “You should see my new office, it’s tiny. There’s not enough room to swing a cat!” (In old English, a cat was a whip not a real cat!)

3. To be dog tired – to be exhausted
3. To be dog tired——累趴下

Ex: ” I have worked 70 hours this week. I am dog tired“.

4. Let the cat out of the bag – to reveal a secret
4. Let the cat out of the bag——透露秘密

Ex: ” Great! George in Finance knows about our new product. That’s all we need. Who let the cat out of the bag?”

5. Go to the dogs – not as successful as in the past (usually used in the continuous tense)
5. Go to the dogs——不如过去成功(通常使用进行时)

Ex: “That company will go bankrupt if it’s not careful. It’s going to the dogs“.

6. To put the cat among the pigeons – to cause trouble
6. To put the cat among the pigeons——惹出乱子

Ex: ” Sending the most unpopular manager to talk to the team was like putting the cat among the pigeons.”

7. A dog’s dinner or dog’s breakfast – to make a mess
7. A dog’s dinner or dog’s breakfast——搞砸了

Ex: “They made a real dog’s dinner of the website. It’s terrible.”

8. To fight like cats and dogs – to argue and fight with someone
8. To fight like cats and dogs——和某人争吵

Ex: ” It’s a miracle how Sally and John manage this company. They’re always fighting like cats and dogs.

9. Top dog – the most important person in an organization
9. Top dog——公司里最重要的人物

Ex: “If you want a decision on that, you’re going to have to get it approved by the top dog“.

10. More than one way to skin a cat – more than one way to do something
10. More than one way to skin a cat——不止一种方法

Ex: “No problem. If we cannot get our proposal through this way, we’ll try something else. There’s more than one way to skin a cat“.