How to say zero in English is very important to avoid misunderstandings, especially on the telephone or in video conferences. As a non-native speaker, you might say the figure zero as a plain zero which is absolutely fine, but often an English native speaker will use a number of ways to say zero depending on where they are from. So understanding what they mean is important.

0 is zero and in British English, it’s sometimes known as nought.

In telephone numbers, room numbers, bus numbers and dates (years), we say oh.


The meeting is in Room 502 (five oh two)

You need to take Bus 205 (two oh five)

She was born in 1907 (nineteen oh seven)

My telephone number is 07781 020 560 (oh double seven eight one oh two oh five six oh OR zero seven seven eight one zero two zero five six zero)
我的电话号码是07781 020 560

For football scores we say nil: ‘The score was three nil (3-0) to Barcelona’.
如果是足球比赛我们会用“nil”代表零,如:"和巴塞罗那队的比分是3-0(three nil )"

American English uses various words for sports scores: The Yankees are winning three nothing/ three zero/ three zip.
美式英语有多种方式表达比赛得分中的“0”,如:洋基队3-0战胜了对手,“3-0”就可以说成“three nothing/ three zero/ three zip”。

如果是网球比分,我们就会用“love”表示“0”,比分是30-0就说成“The score was thirty love. (30-0)”

如果表示温度,我们就用“zero”,如:今天0度就是‘It’s zero degrees celsius today (0°)

The decimal point (Notice that in English we say decimal point, and not a dot as in internet addresses). In British English, zero and nought are used before and after a decimal point.
American English does not use nought.小数点(注意英语中用“decimal point”来表示小数点,而不是网址中的“dot”),在英式英语中“zero”和“nought ”可以用在小数点之前和之后。美式英语则不用“nought”

Oh can be used after the decimal point.


0.05就是“ zero point zero five” 或者“nought point nought five”
0.5% 就是“ zero point five percent ”或者“ nought point five percent”
0.501 就是“zero point five zero one”或者“ nought point five nought one”或者“ nought/zero point five oh one”

沪江小编:大家晕了吗?不用急,Like everything in this world, practice makes perfect!只要多在工作中使用这些说法,就不会混淆了。下面小编给出几个例子,大家练习一下吧!

Try saying the following:

1. Can I have my bill please? I’m in Room 204.
2. The exact figure is 0.002.
3. Can you get back to me on 0208 775 3001.
4. Look, it’s less than 0.0001! Let’s not worry about it.
5. 0.75% won’t make a lot of difference.