Martin Freeman has admitted that scheduling a fourth series of Sherlock is proving "hard to do".
马丁·弗里曼(Martin Freeman)近日承认为《新福尔摩斯》(Sherlock)第四季留出档期非常“难办”。

The John Watson actor - soon to play Richard III on the West End - told Digital Spy that initial plans to work on new episodes following his theatrical run have now been scrapped.
在剧中扮演约翰·华生(John Watson)的弗里曼接下来将出演莎士比亚名剧《理查三世》(Richard III),他告诉Digital Spy网站他原本打算完成这部舞台剧后就开始拍摄新一季的《新福尔摩斯》,但计划现在泡汤了。

"It's very hard to get together," he said. "But it's one of those things where you have to at some point just go, 'We're going to do it now' - otherwise we could be having this conversation in three years.

He added: "There comes a point where you've got to piss or get off the pot."

Freeman recently stated that he is not interested in the long-term television roles offered up by US television, but told DS that he is happy to stick with Sherlock for the foreseeable future.
此外,弗里曼日前曾表示他对长期扮演美剧里的某一角色不感兴趣,但向Digital Spy网站坦言十分乐意未来几年继续出演《新福尔摩斯》。

"I can't countenance doing something for eight months of the year every year – but three months of the year every couple of years is much more attractive.

"I wouldn't and couldn't put an end point on it – I'm just more open to it."

Martin Freeman stars in Fargo - starting this Sunday (April 20) at 9pm on Channel 4.
由马丁·弗里曼主演的《冰血暴》将于4月20日晚上9点在英国Channel 4电视台播出。