Jack Porter

Amanda Clarke



I want to know why you dropped my father's appeal. I'm sorry, Ms. Clarke, that's privileged information. Not anymore. I don't know if you heard, but my father was murdered in prison. And as far as I'm concerned, you're just as guilty as the man who stabbed him to death. What is that? Every bit of evidence you could've used to prove his innocence. They got to you, didn't they? Victoria. If you're looking for Daniel, I thought he was with you. No. Actually, I was looking for you. I was hoping you could help me find a photo that the photographer took of me and Daniel on the bow of the yacht at your memorial day party. It's our first picture that we took together, and I'm making a summer scrapbook for his birthday. Aren't you inventive? Well, what do you get the guy who has everything, right? And Danial really wanted to keep it simple, so... Well, it doesn't get much simpler than a clambake. I'll have Ashley dig up the event photographer's number. That's assuming that she's not too busy helping out with Daniel's party. Actually, she's recruited some of her own help for that. Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke. Oh? Amanda is the little girl who lived in my cottage back in the early '90s. Danial tells me that her father worked for Conrad's company before the-- Yes, it was a horrible time. Do you remember Amanda at all? Vaguely. Poor dear. Well, if isn't too awkward, I was thinking of inviting them to stay after the party set up. Jack's become a very good friend, and, well, Amanda looks like she could use one, so... Well, it sounds as if your mind is already made up. I'm certainly not going to get in your way. Do you mind if I grab Daniel's squash racket from the pool house for him? Of course. I'm sure you know the way by now. Thanks.
我想知道为什么你放弃了我父亲的上诉。 抱歉,克拉克小姐,这是高度机密。 不再是了。我不知道你是否知道我父亲已经在监狱被害了。对我而言,你和杀他的人一样罪孽深重。 那是什么? 每一个能证明我父亲清白的证据。你被收买了是么? 维多利亚。 如果你是来找丹尼尔,我以为你们在一起。 不,其实我是来找你的。我请你帮我找一下你在纪念日宴会上的摄影师,他为我和丹尼尔拍了一张照片,那是我们一起照的第一张相。我想为他的生日做个夏日相册。 真有创意。 为一个应有尽有的人准备礼物很费脑筋,而丹尼尔又想低调些。。。 海滩烧烤真是够低调了。我会让艾什莉找找摄影师的号码,希望这不会让她在丹尼尔的生日会上太忙碌。 其实她已经找了些人帮忙。杰克波特和阿曼达克拉克。 哦? 阿曼达是90年代初住我这所房子的小姑娘。丹尼尔说她父亲出事前在康拉德的公司。。。 是啊,往事不堪回首。 你还记得阿曼达么? 一点印象。可怜的孩子。 嗯,如果可以的话我希望宴会结束后邀请他们坐坐。杰克是我们的好朋友,阿曼达似乎也需要朋友,所以。。。 看起来你已经决定了,我当然也不会碍事。 我想去丹尼尔的客房帮他拿下网球拍,可以吗? 当然。我相信你已经熟门熟路了。 谢谢。