What are you looking to gain from your next job?

Answer Tips

In this question, they want to know what motivates you. Be careful not to let the panel think the only reason you want the job is because it is more pay or better benefits – if this is your reason you will probably not get the job!

The answer will depend on where you are in your career. If you are new, then you want to gain more experience and learn a wide variety of things. If you have a lot of previous experience, you might want to find something challenging and more opportunities for growth.

List of reasons

• General working conditions,
• 整体工作环境,

• More openness between “boss” and employees,
• 老板和员工之间更加开放,

• More money? Bigger organization?
• 更多的工资?更大的企业?

• Are you looking to move up a high level?
• 你想要得到一个更高的职位吗?

• Develop certain skills,
• 增强自己某些技能,

• Are you looking for a certain atmosphere or organizational philosophy?
• 你想要某种特定的企业氛围或企业文化?

• How important is location?
• 公司所在地有多重要?

• Exciting work vs. routine work.
• 充满激情工作还是常规作业?

• Salary, benefits, traveling, turnover rates (for salesperson).
• (针对销售人员)工资、待遇、出差、营业额。

• Work hours (flexible vs fixed hours).
• 工作时间(灵活VS固定)。

Answer samples:

1. I want to gain experience in many areas of accounting. I want a position where things are not routine and where many of my accounting skills are utilized.
1. 我期望在会计相关领域获得经验。我希望这个职位拥有挑战,并可以运用我在会计方面的技能。

2. In my next job, I want more opportunities to write automation. In my previous position, we didn’t have these opportunities because we outsourced this work to other groups.
2. 在我下一份工作中,我希望可以有更多的机会编写程序。我在之前的工作中并没有这样的机会,因为企业把这样的工作都外包给了其他公司。