When asked the job interview question "What have you learned from your mistakes?" one way to respond is to give an example that turn a negative (a mistake) into a positive.
面试中遇到这样的问题“你从错误中学到了什么?” ,有一种回答的方式是举出一个使得消极影响(一个错误)转化为积极影响的例子。

Examples of good responses include:

1. I think one of the most important things I've learned is persistence. Not to give up too soon, because the solution is probably right in front of me.
1. 我认为我学到的其中一件重要的事是坚持不懈。不要太早放弃,因为解决的方法很可能已经近在咫尺了。

2. I have learned to give every person a second chance, because first impressions can often be misleading.
2. 我学会了给每个人第二次机会,因为第一印象往往不可靠。

3. I used to think that there was one best solution to a problem, but I've learned that that kind of thinking limits the possibility of great success.
3. 我曾经认为对于一个问题只有一个最优的解决方法,但是我知道了这样的想法限制了成功的可能。

Everyone makes mistakes. It happens. It's fine to share your mistakes during an interview as long as you are clear that you have learned from it. However, it's a good idea to not mention a mistake that would be critical for success in the new position.

If you're asked to give an example of a mistake that you have learned from, give an example from your last position that isn't specifically related to the job requirements for the new position. It's also a good idea to mention something that is relatively minor.

Explain, as well, what you learned from the mistake and what you did to ensure it won't happen again.