A typical interview question, asked to get a sense of how you handle on-the-job stress, is "How do you handle pressure?" Examples of good responses include:

1. Stress is very important to me. With stress, I do the best possible job. The appropriate way to deal with stress is to make sure I have the correct balance between good stress and bad stress. I need good stress to stay motivated and productive.
1. 压力对我来说很重要。压力能让我把工作做到最好。应对压力的正确方法是在正面压力和负面压力之间找到平衡。正压力让我积极工作而且有效率。

2. I react to situations, rather than to stress. That way, the situation is handled and doesn't become stressful.
2. 我应对的是情况而不是压力。这样,事情能被解决也不会给我负担。

3. I actually work better under pressure and I've found that I enjoy working in a challenging environment.
3. 其实我有压力时能把事情做的更好,我发现自己喜欢在有挑战性的环境里工作。

4. From a personal perspective, I manage stress by visiting the gym every evening. It's a great stress reducer.
4. 就个人而言,我每天晚上去健身房锻炼缓解压力。这个减压方法很有效。

5. Prioritizing my responsibilities so I have a clear idea of what needs to be done when, has helped me effectively manage pressure on the job.
5. 给事情排好优先次序,这样我清楚地知道什么时候做什么事,这种方法帮我在工作中有效的处理了压力。

6. If the people I am managing are contributing to my stress level, I discuss options for better handling difficult situations with them.
6. 如果我的下属导致我有压力,我会和他们讨论处理困境的更好方法。

7. I find that when I'm under the pressure of a deadline, I can do some of my most creative work.
7. 我发现自己都是在最后期限的压力下做出最创新的工作。

8. I'm not a person who has a difficult time with stress. When I'm under pressure, I focus, and get the job done.
8. 我不会有受不了压力的情况。我有压力时会专心致志的把工作做好。

9. I find a past pace to be invigorating, and thrive when the pressure is on.
9. 有压力时我会发现以前做事的节奏要提高和改进。

10. I've done some of my best work under tight deadlines, where the atmosphere was very stressful.
10. 在时间紧气氛紧张的时候,我完成过最出色的工作。

11. I'm the kind of person who stays calm under pressure, and handles stress fairly easily.
11. 在压力下我会很冷静,也能很好的应对。

It's a good idea to give examples of how you have handled stress to your interviewer. That way, they get a clear picture how well you can work in stressful situations.