Shon Burton, founder of HiringSolved, says his company has analyzed and created profiles of up to 100 million people by scouring their unblocked online activities on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and many more social media sites. This is all done, he explains, to answer three key questions in real time: Who are you? What do you do? And, how do I contact you?

HiringSolved are in the first wave of companies to mine big data to engage both sides of the hiring desk. While their platforms and algorithms differ, they enable employers to target and follow potential employees, often years before they are ready to enter the workforce.

While this trend of real-time social recruiting hasn’t yet made its way down the whole corporate ladder, that time is coming and you should prepare.

According to Burton, in some tight markets the candidate-composed résumé is already a thing of the past, having given way to dossiers compiled by companies like his.

Today’s analytics allow companies like these to delve under the surface of each post you make and join it with information you post elsewhere. They can easily determine where you are from your tweets, and what you are interested in based on your Facebook and Yahoo Answers posts. They can join this data to your listening history on Spotify and Pandora, etc., and come up with a pretty accurate picture of your education, interests and the kind of employee you are likely to become.

Burton revealed that his company trolls the entire Internet to find people of interest. If you want to be sought out by recruiters and potential employers he offers several tips:

1. Recognize the future is already here, and use it to your advantage rather than complaining about your lack of privacy. Don't just claim that you have certain skills, but actually demonstrate them. Find a way to post somewhere whatever you think will be of interest to an employer and curate your own online presence carefully.
1. 要明白这种招聘方式是大势所趋,应该好好利用而不是抱怨没隐私。不要只是声称你有某种技能,证明给别人看。想办法把信息发在你觉得雇主会看的地方,管好你在网上的足迹。

2. Engage in social conversation. You don’t necessarily have to be the person who does original research and publishes it in world-class journals, but you can contribute to discussions about the latest and greatest in your field of interest.
2. 参与社交网站的聊天。你不一定要从头开始做研究并发布在世界级期刊上,但你可以在自己喜欢的领域参与讨论该领域最新、最好的事情。

According to Burton, when seeking programmers for the C computer language, he found a perfect candidate who was working in Five Guys flipping hamburgers, all because the individual was talking about his passion for C online. And that is what got him a job.

3. LinkedIn groups are huge. They are mined by all kinds of companies. Ask intelligent questions, provide answers and further the conversations. You will soon be considered a thought leader and gain the attention you need.
3. LinkedIn组很强大。各种各样的公司都会参与。学会问问题,给出答案并将谈话深入。你很快就会被认为是个有思想的人并获得你想要的关注。

The overriding message of these new companies is this: If you want to be viewed as a truly desirable candidate, you must actively engage online. If you want people to be interested in you, be interesting. Then, watch out, because you’ll become a sought after candidate.