Lola was destitute for now, but she knew her destiny was for better things. Many men still found her desirable, despite her frequent problems with depression. And she knew that she could descend no further than where she was now. Her only destination was up! Depleted of energy, however, she told herself that she first deserved one more hit of heroin. So she stood up, and in one last act of desperation, went over to the derelict house where she knew she could get some drugs. When she arrived, she deposited herself in the first room next to the door and began to design her argument for one last hit. When the police deployed to the house to arrest drug dealers burst through the door, she was the first one they designated for arrest. In the police holding cell that afternoon her situation became even more desperate when her body began shaking uncontrollably. They moved her to a hospital to restore the nutrient depletion in her body.