WARNING: There's many way to persuade youngsters to stay in school, but this may have just gone one step TOO far.

This controversial video aimed at stopping students bunking off school is possibly the most gruesome advert ever.

Called Set Yourself Free, the Australian video shows four students skip school and get blown up on a beach after running across it without realising it is a bomb testing site.

The youngsters are filmed piling into a camper van and driving away from their school grounds, slowly swapping their uniforms for bikinis.

As they arrive at what looks to be a deserted beach, they run into the sea and drink alcohol, seemingly having the time of their lives.

But when they start to run back up the shore, a series of explosions go off under their feet, scattering blood and body parts everywhere. Only one girl is left at the end, covered in blood, and staring at her friend's hand next to her.

The shocking video was reportedly created by Perth-based production company Henry & Aaron for the Learn For Life Foundation, a non-profit company promoting the importance of education.
据报道,这个令人震惊的视频是来自帕斯的制作公司Henry & Aaron为澳大利亚的一个非营利性组织“终身学习基金会” 制作的,目的是为宣传教育的重要性。

Not surprisingly the video has gone viral on YouTube, garnering more than 11 millions hits, with some people calling it a hoax and others claiming it goes too far.