"The Flash," a highly anticipated pilot and spinoff of "Arrow" on The CW, has cast Candice Patton as its female lead, Iris West.
《绿箭侠》备受期待的衍生剧《闪电侠》女主角Iris West已经找到了,她就是Candice Patton。

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Patton's Iris is the best friend of main character Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), otherwise known as The Flash. Having grown up together, Iris and Barry are expected to eventually become love interests.
据《好莱坞报道》,Patton扮演的Iris是男主角闪电侠Barry Allen的好朋友,他们青梅竹马一起长大,和大家想的一样他们最终终成眷属。

The character of Barry Allen was introduced in two episodes of "Arrow" in December 2013. Based on the good reception of those installments, The CW canceled plans to air "Flash" as a back-door pilot. The show will instead get a stand-alone pilot that would air in the fall.
而男主角Barry Allen已经在2013年12月播出的2集《绿箭侠》中出现过了。在这两集效果相当不错的引子集里,CW决定取消播出《闪电侠》原先打算播出的引子集。这部衍生剧将会作为一部新剧在今年秋季档播出。