She has gone from being a commoner to become the Duchess of Cambridge and will one day be our future Queen.

But aged just 11, Kate Middleton got an early taste of stratospheric social mobility - by playing Eliza Doolittle, a flower girl taught to pass herself off as a duchess.

Footage has emerged of the audience in fits of laughter as she spoke with a Cockney accent in the lead role in the school production of My Fair Lady in 1993.

In the musical, Professor Henry Higgins spends hours teaching the flower girl to change her voice so she can imitate a society lady after betting he could train her to pass as a duchess at an ambassador’s tea party.

Her love interest in the production, Freddy Eynsford-Hill, was played by Andrew Alexander, who has gone on to become a successful actor starring as party-loving aristocrat Sir John Bullock in Downton Abbey.

Before meeting Prince William, Kate Middleton reportedly took a fancy to the Downton Abbey actor while at school.