S: ____?
G: Well, by and large, ____.
S: ____.
G: Just acquaint yourself, Sara. Don't interpret just yet, okay?
W: All right. Show time.
S: This looks like a multiple. More than one vic. Acquainting myself.
W: Check out these "voids." That's the real evidence.
G: Couch? ____. Television, maybe? A magazine?
S: Triangle ... coat rack?
W: Guys ...
G: What do you think that is?
W: ____.
G: High-velocity, small spray.

Any uniformity in the spray the average diameter is about one millimeter Blood drops this size are characteristic of high-velocity impact like gunshot trauma but there's no bullet strikes on the walls ruling out murder by gun We've only got 30 seconds till this luminol disappears Looks like it could be an electric saw