C: Hi.
W: Construction on Flamingo. I'm sorry. 
G: ____
W: Yeah. A .38? 
G:.44. Here, take this. 
C: Brass ____
G: Orange, by my kit. ____. Did you get something? 
C: Paint from another source. I'm going to find out who belongs to that locker.
W: ____
G: They do have a timeless quality. 
W: What were you? A jock or a brain?
G: I was a ghost. Here. Shooter was standing right there. And ... ? 
W: ____, but I'm thinking ... five-four ... maybe three. We got ourselves a shorty.

Give me a hand, will you said the victim had a can of spray paint, right It was in his backpack Kind of weird being in a high school Reconstruction guys can give us a more precise angle measurement