M: Lockdown is in effect. All guards remain at your posts.
J: I love my grandpa - ____ - but he's got no idea how it works in here. I'm not sure you do, either.
W: Why don't you tell me?
J: First off, this place only sees two colors: Black and white. You stay with your own. ____. Overflow from L.A.
W: That's a lot of education in a short time, huh?
J: Yeah. I mean, ____, man. I'm 60 days and a wake-up unless I get got.
W: James, ____.
J: First, you got to tell me something. You got to tell me what side you're on.
W: Whose "side" I'm on? Who reached out to you, man?
J: Who put me in here?
W: James, I'm trying to help you.
J: All right. It breaks down like this - Kingpin from Gerson Park and Kingpin from L.A. County Slauson both under one roof. ____. Vegas fool got shanked. I was sitting right there. I had two things going against me: I'm the newest face and the only witness.
W: So it's your life versus time.
J: Basically, yeah and everybody knows about it. They're just waiting to see what I'm going to do. I sing ... they send me a song back. I shut up ... I'm your age when I get out.

don't get me wrong Despite what those chucks think upstairs this entire place is infiltrated with rolling 60s I'm just trying to survive why don't you take a deep breath and tell me what happened here It was time for one of them to stake their claim