S: Mr. Grissom. You're looking grim. I'm afraid I don't have a supplement for that.
G: We found blood in your kitchen blender. The lab has matched it to the dead jogger.
S: It had to happen eventually.
G: Why?
S: You're the scientist. I should have thought you'd figured that out.
G: I haven't.
S: Think of the bugs, Grissom. Cycle of life. Angels versus insects. ____. ____.
G: Yes. But the insects haven't killed anyone.
S: No. But they'd die if they didn't have bodies to feed off of. And so will I. Porphyria.
G: The madness of King George.
S: Or the Legend of the Vampire. Which makes it a real hard disease to have. But it's real for me.
G: It's genetic.
S: The only thing my father ever gave me. The first time it presented was after a minor sunburn. My lips receded - so did my gums. I increased my glucose intake and I was fine ... for a while. ____. I had my spleen removed because it absorbed my blood. But nothing helped. Lesions started forming on my face. That's when I bought my first dog. Bullets and poison leave residue in the blood. Dogs kill clean. Imagine what I'd look like by now without them.
G: You could've tried intravenous hematin.
S: Human blood is the richest source of heme.
G: ____.
S: If you lock me up, I'll go mad.
G: Unfortunately, a symptom of your condition. But you've been killing people, doctor.
S: I'll die in prison.
G: Yes, but the people you'd be feeding off of will still be alive. Cycle of life. Sergeant.
O: You're under arrest for the murder of Terry Manning.
S: You have one more question. How could I consume raw organs? Not morally - aesthetically. ____.
G: Protein powder.
S: You want an empirical experience? There's a fresh shake in my fridge.
O: Let's go. Officer. She is nuts, right?
G: She's a cold blooded killer.

When we die the fable we tell ourselves is we go toward a white light and angels But you and I both know the hard reality is that insects arrive immediately and begin turning us back to earth I began a drug regimen but they only treated the symptoms And so you extracted the organs with the most blood - the liver, the spleen, the heart I dried them and ground them into powder