S: Hi. I have folic acid. I was worried about your eyes. ____.
G: ____?
S: Actually, my house felt a little crowded - all those men you sent.
G: The, uh, police sent them.
S: But you dictated the scope of the warrant. They're taking everything from my kitchen and office.
G: ____.
S: And? What else do you know about me?
G: Each complaint is from a mountain state.
S: Is it a crime to like the mountains?
G: No. ____. What's a liver go for these days, doc?
S: What?
G: Terry Manning was missing several key organs - healthy organs.
S: You disappoint me. I thought you were smarter than that. Coenzyme q-10 could help with mental acuity. "The last act is bloody, however, fine the rest of the play."
G: Pascal. ____. I prefer Buddha, though. "Even death is not to be feared by those who lived wisely."
S: One request. Ask them not to leave my house a mess. You know how I like order.

I assume my surgical instruments came back clean, or relatively clean Are you here for a nutritional consultation or to eavesdrop on my investigation You have three prior complaints in three separate states for owning vicious dogs Only if we find other joggers have turned up dead Very impressive