S: Can I help you?
O: Are you Susan Hillridge?
S: Yes. "Doctor" Hillridge.
G: Is this your dog Doctor?
S: Yes. Simba.
G: Well, you have a problem.
S: Oh, no. Not again. ____?
G: ____.
O: Your meter reader's singing soprano.
S: Oh, I get it now. You're talking about my old dog, Dickie. ____. That's why I put him down. Simba just gets out of the yard a lot.
G: The dog we're looking for is missing a tooth. I noticed that Simba is also missing a tooth.
S: Okay, he is missing a tooth. But he just gets out and wrestles with neighbors' garbage cans. He's not a violent dog.
G: That may be. ____.
O: Officers, go ahead. He's all yours.
S: You're making a mistake.
G: You said that you were a doctor. May I ask your specialty?
S: Nutrition. My patients are mostly professional athletes.
G: ____? Like marathoners?
S: You mean like that jogger? What was his name?
G: Terry Manning.
S: Doesn't ring a bell. And I'm very good with names, Mr. Grissom. You'll let me know when I can pick up Simba.
G: You're assuming a lot.
S: So are you.

What makes you think that Simba had anything to do with that jogger's death There have been complaints about your dog in the past He was aggressive We still have to take him into custody until we can determine whether or not he had any involvement in this homicide Do you ever consult with amateur athletes