G: Okay. Jim got us a court order for production of documents. On the left, the phone records of Kevin Shepherd, Amy Shepherd, Jessica Hall and Justin Green. On the right, their banking records.
S: Wednesday. 10:02 ... Kevin ____, Jessica. Wednesday 2:16 p.m. ...
G: Jessica transferred the money out of her account. To Justin Green?
S: Yes. Deposit for $35,000.
G: Well, if it was a straight-on hit for hire Jessica would've steered clear of the crime scene.
N: Maybe not. In 1997, Jessica and Justin had a joint account. And they shared the same last name.
W: Whew. Curveball.
N: So Jessica ____.
G: All in the family.
S: I can trump that. Sorry, Nick. Thursday, 11:09 A.M. $70,000 was transferred to Justin Green's account.
W: From?
S: Not Jessica. Not Kevin.
G: Only one left is Amy.
W: Yes, ____. Wednesday, 3:00 P.M. Justin called Amy Shepherd.
B: Oh, I bet I can tell you that conversation.
A: Do you really expect me to believe that?
J: Yeah. Look, you've got to know about the affair. Check his bank account. He paid out 35. You want to counter?
S: Amy Shepherd does the unthinkable. She doubles it.
G: Why kill one when you and collect over 100 grand?
B: Makes financial sense.
G: And Justin secures his double cross with an insurance policy. ____. Jessica wasn't stabbed by accident. She was a loose end.
K: Eight years. People said we wouldn't last. Happy anniversary.
A: Happy anniversary.
J: It's over, man. It's over. Look, you better split. Go call 9-1-1.
H: Stop! What are you doing?
J: Shut up, you slut! She's always going to be my wife. You're never going to have her! Get away from me! ____!

transferred $35,000 to his mistress hired her ex-husband to kill her boyfriend's wife that's affirmative I can trump that He eliminates the person that hired him Call an ambulance