G: ____. We found it in his bone tissue.
C: Did you kill him for his pension checks?
M: Don't answer that question.
R: It's okay. Mel took those pills himself. He asked me to leave the house, so he could do it.
B: So now it's suicide?
R: He was dying from the heart trouble. ____. He asked me to get it over with. I couldn't. I loved him.
G: This is the part that I'm having a hard time with. You were able to cut him up when you realized you couldn't afford the burial?
R: I lied about why.
M: Mrs. Bennett, don't ...
R: No. Let me talk. ____.
C: Because a wife's benefits are cut in half when the husband dies.
R: Yes. Even if you've spent 50 years by his side - packing his lunch, pressing his work pants. Mel was my whole life. I didn't kill him. I couldn't even put him out of his misery.
C: So what do you think, Jim?
B: I don't know. You're the lab guys. What is the evidence telling you?
G: Forensically, we can't prove if Mel took the digoxin overdose or if she forced it on him.
C: So that leaves us with one choice.
G: Equivocal evidence.
C: Golden rule.
B: Ah. Well, "____", we must "as objective interpreters of that evidence side with the defendant." Tie goes to the runner.
G: Rose goes free. ____.
C: I don't think she did it.
B: Okay, then. I guess I'm out of here. I'll go start my paperwork.
C: See you. Okay, so I was wrong. It wasn't murder. 
G: It's not a contest.
C: You want to go in with me? Give her the good news?
G: Could you do it? I'm sorta late for a dinner.
C: Sure.
G: Thanks.

We know your husband had an overdose in his system He was in chronic pain Mel made me promise to hide his body so I wouldn't lose his social security benefits when faced with evidence that can equally exonerate or implicate a suspect Because we'll never be able to prove who administered the fatal dose
GRISSOM: 我们发现你丈夫是服用药物过量致死的。我们是从他骨骼的软组织中发现这个的。 CATHERINE: 你是否是为了他的养老金而把他杀死的? MARGARET FINN: 别回答这个问题。 ROSE BENNETT: 没事的。梅尔是自己服下那些药丸的,他把我叫出房间后自己这么做的。 BRASS: 那么,这就是自杀了? ROSE BENNETT: 心脏病使他活不长了,他很痛苦,他叫我结束他的痛苦,我不能。我很爱他。 GRISSOM: 这一刻是我感到最为难的。当知道付不起葬礼费的时候,你真的能把他的尸体进行分割吗? ROSE BENNETT: 我说了假话。 MARGARET FINN: 班尼特太太,不要…… ROSE BENNETT: 让我说吧。梅尔叫我答应把他的尸体藏起来,这样我就不会失去他那些社会保险金了。 CATHERINE: 要是丈夫去世的话,他妻子的保险金就会减半。 ROSE BENNETT: 是的,即使你已经陪伴在他身旁已经50年,给他准备午餐,整理他的工作服,梅尔是我的全部,我没有杀他,我什至不忍心帮他永远解除痛苦。 CATHERINE: 吉姆,你怎么想? BRASS: 我不知道。你们是鉴证人员,那些证据你们得出了什么结论? GRISSOM: 从法医的角度来看,我们不能证明梅尔是自己服药过量的,还是她逼迫他服的。 CATHERINE: 看来我们只要一种选择。 GRISSOM: 证据模棱两可。 CATHERINE: 黄金准则。 BRASS: “当遇到既可能证明嫌疑人清白又可能对其不利的证据的时候,我们只能站在被告的立场上进行客观的判断。”两者是扯平的。 GRISSOM: 平局收场。我们永远也证实不了是谁下的药。 CATHERINE: 我想不会是她干的。 BRASS: 好了。我想我该走了。又要开始我的文书工作了。 CATHERINE: 再见。好了,是我错了。这不是谋杀。 GRISSOM: 这可不是竞赛。 CATHERINE: 你要和我一起进去吗?把这个好消息告诉她? GRISSOM: 你能自己去吗?我还要赶着去吃晚餐。 CATHERINE: 好的。 GRISSOM: 谢谢。