M: No, I'm not gonna wait downstairs. _____(1)_____? Me and my taxes.

Beckett: Is that?

Castle: Uh, yep.


M: Richard! Over here!

Esposito: Deep - fried twinkie?


Castle: _____(2)_____. Meredith! What a surprise.

M: I know. Isn't it great? In L.A, no one ever just stops by. Don't you just love this town?


Beckett: _____(3)_____.

Castle: Uh, Meredith, these are detectives Ryan, Esposito and detective Beckett.


M: Oh, Beckett, _____(4)_____. Alexis told me all about it. And I simply had to stop by. You know, _____(5)_____.

Beckett: Were you now?


M: Still am, from time to time. Right, kitten?

Beckett: Kitten.


Castle: _____(6)_____. Only I was naked and far less embarrassed.

M: Anyway, _____(7)_____, so I thought I would drop Alexis here instead of schlepping all the way downtown. Is that SJP purse?


Esposito: SJP?

M: Sarah Jessica Parker(欲望都市女主之一). She wore one just like it to the Armani show in Milan. It was on 'Fashion scoop daily' last week.


Beckett: Well, actually, this purse belongs to one of our victims.

M: Oh, _____(8)_____. More tragic, of course, if it'd been the real thing. But… still.


Esposito: What, are you saying this was fake?

M: Well, look at the leather and the stitching. _____(9)_____. I mean, it's good enough to fool the untrained shopper. _____(10)_____.
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