Hint: Dr. Jane Woolwin Hawaiian Islands
"This dish also has curative properties!" Said the renowned culinary expert, Dr. Jane Woolwin, "It is the crowning achievement of my recent cruise through the Hawaiian Islands." "Mmmm. It's fabulous. Now it's critical that you give me the recipe." Said the food critic evaluating the meal. "No sir. I know you' re on a crusade to expose the secrets of fine cuisine. And you're quite cunning. But this recipe is staying in my head. You are one culprit who I know I can't trust. Oh, and don't forget to add this spice cube to the soup." Replied Dr. Woolwin with a smile. "But I have worked so hard on cultivating our relationship! Can't you tell me what it is here? "
"这道菜还有保健功效",这位久负盛名的厨艺大师Jane Woolwin博士说:“这是我近期巡游夏威夷群岛后得到的最大的收获。” “嗯,真是不可思议,现在该是你把菜谱给我评价的时候了。” “不,先生,我知道你正在试图窥出好的菜肴中的秘密。你真狡猾。但是食谱藏在我的脑子里,你是个叫人无法相信的惯犯。哦,别忘记在汤里加点调料。”Woolwin博士笑着回答。 “但是我正在努力建立信任关系,你就不能告诉我这是什么吗?” ——译文来自: 榴莲酥酥