Hits: 亲们~ 啊呼~ 2013快乐呦~ 新的一年我们的节目还是要继续,有什么意见或者建议可以告诉小编们噢~ 祝大家在新的一年里身体健康,工作顺利,学习天天向上~O(∩_∩)O~ 今天的听写也都是句子噢~ 注意标点符号呦~ Esposito:One victim…Donald Kendall, 18. He was a senior at Redding Prep. Ryan:_____(1)_____ Beckett:Redding Prep? Castle:Private school on Park Avenue. Esposito:No trust fund baby left behind. Beckett:_____(2)_____ Esposito:No idea. Beckett:Dr. Parish, how are you doing? Parish:Feet are cold. Beckett:_____(3)_____ Parish:Single G.S.W. to the chest, fairly large caliber. And from the lack of blood inside the boat, I'd say he wasn't killed at sea. Beckett:Somebody moved him. Parish:He's got dirt and grass all on his Chuckyt's. _____(4)______ I'm guessing sometime late last night. Beckett: _____(5)_____ He couldn't have come from very far. Let's get uniforms down here to do a perimeter walk. _____(6)_____ And tell them they're looking for a blood pool and possible shell casings. Ryan:Roger that. Beckett:Esposito, did you check the boathouse? Esposito:Not yet. Beckett: _____(7)_____ Castle:The Vikings believed that if you wanted to reach Valhalla(英灵殿), you needed a vessel. Beckett:Gun…toting Viking…that's your theory? Castle:No…no…no. _____(8)_____
Someone's gonna miss prom night. What's he doing in the boat? So what do you got for me? Other than the postmortem voyage,looks like a pop and drop. Well,somebody dragged him here. Get them from the boats over there down to fifth. So why the burial at sea? They also launched their dead with a sacrificial woman and some booze and a good horse.