Hits: 亲们,今天听写的都是句子噢~ 千万别忘了要写句号的呦~ 今天是2012最后一天,小编们祝大家Happy new year~ 我们2013年见~^_____^~ Castle:Reading the paper? You are gonna lose all of your wired teen hyper texting nano gizmo street cred. Alex:I'm a rebel. _____(1)_____ Catle:Is this… Alex:Cream, two sugars. Castle:Thanks. The style section. _____(2)_____ Alex:The 70's are back. Castle:They're like The Highlander(时空英豪,一部电影). They just won't die. Good morning, mother. _____(3)_____ Marsa:Oh, I have class. Castle:_____(4)_____ Marsa:At the new school, funny man. Look, it's…it's not that I don't appreciate everything you've done. _____(5)_____ Castle:What's the class? Marsa:Introduction to life coaching. It's…it's always been my desire to make a difference whether on stage or off, and… _____(6)_____ Castle:That's my… I'm… you… it says here I'm your client. Marsa:Well, of course you are. ______(7)______ Alex:Oh, uh, dad. Julie Schmidt's father is back in rehab. So a spot opened up to chaperone the D.C trip. Castle:Where is the… how did you know Julie's dad was back in rehab? Alex:Must be a wired teen hyper nano thing. _____(8)_____ Castle:Sorry, kiddo, but, uh, with you away, my chaperoning needs reside here. _____(9)_____ Alex:So she… had a little party. Castle:There were lime shards embedded in the walls. Marsa:It was Cinco de Mayo.(击溃法国纪念日) Alex:_____(10)_____ Castle:I hear dead people. Who was murdered, and was it gruesome?
I kick it old school. Anything I need to know? You're dressed early. I believe that's a matter of some debate. But a girl has to stand on her own two feet. I have had cards made. Haven't I been telling you what to do your whole life? So what do you say? Or are you forgetting what happened the last time we left her alone? Exactly.