Hint: Marianne
Condemnation never worked with Marianne, unfortunately, and she suddenly had the conception to warn the individual. She could not condone his arrest; he was too nice of a friend and a good neighbor. She stood again and, planning to speak condolences for the death of the son this man had recently lost, she stepped across the concrete stairway that separated her from the man who would soon be arrested. This walkway was not conducive to Marianne' s shoes, however, and she tripped and fell. She tried to grab a hand to stop her, but she only succeeded in pulling a cup of coffee with too much condensed milk across her new dress. And then she passed out. When Marianne awoke she had no concept of where she was. Eventually she rose to see that everyone was gone and only one kind gentleman was left to help her. She frowned when she realized that her effort to held that man had failed. He had been arrested for sure!