Competition is expected to grow as more of China's top universities vie for a market share of online students around the world. Tsinghua University says its courses are gaining popularity and it's aiming to offer the best portal in Chinese.

Day 2 of launch, Tsinghua University’s online learning portals are already becoming increasingly popular. Professor Yu Xinjie’s class on Principles of Electric Circuits alone has 11,000 students from more than 150 countries.

"Foreigners are curious about studying in China. Tsinghua is well known for its quality education. We also offer a good sequence of pedagological methods." Yu said.

Tsinghua now has two platforms, one in English and another called XuetangX which offers a curriculum in Chinese. With XuetangX, Tsinghua attracts local and overseas Chinese and foreigners around the world. It offers classes under a consortium of China’s top universities including Peking University.

"XuetangX is a good alternative for many qualified students who cannot afford traditional tuition costs. Also this is a good way to offer China’s high calibre of lecturers to a global student body." Xue said.

Tsinghua says this is also a collaboration with MOOC or massive open online courses. The initiative enables it to offer lectures with the prestigious American universities Harvard and MIT. Education experts expect online education to gain momentum in China. Several universities had a headstart before Tsinghua.

Some of China’s popular websites, including Sohu, are reported to have started their own online courses.

Reporter: "Online courses may be a new phenomenon in China but Tsinghua says it’s already feeling the competition with several universities tipped to start their own platforms. Tsing Hua is planning thousands of course to stay on top of the game."