Angelina Jolie has been hard at work on her second directorial project, Unbroken, taking her family to Australia while she films. The movie is based on the popular book about World War II hero Louis "Louie" Zamperini (pictured here), and Angelina says that while "it will be hard to make a film worthy of this great man," she is honored to have the chance.
安吉丽娜·朱莉正在为她的第二部导演作品《坚不可摧》努力工作,并把她的家人也带去了澳大利亚的片场。这部影片由一本二战题材的书籍改编,讲述了二战英雄 Louis Zamperini (见上图)的故事。安吉丽娜说尽管“拍摄这位伟大人物的故事很艰难”,但她很荣幸能有这次机会。

As it turns out, Angelina has gotten to know Louie, who is her neighbor in Hollywood. So who is he exactly? If you read the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, then you know the inspirational story of the prisoner of war survivor and Olympian.
安吉丽娜认识 Louie,他是她在好莱坞的邻居。那么他究竟是谁呢?如果你阅读了 Laura Hillenbran 的同名书籍《坚不可摧》,你就会知道这个激励人心的故事,讲述的是一位二战战俘和奥运选手的故事。

Louie competed at the 1936 Berlin Olympics as a long-distance runner. When the war came, he enlisted as a United States Army Air Force bomber. In May 1943, his airplane crashed into the wide-open Pacific. He spent 47 days at sea, until he was captured by the Japanese Navy and kept as a prisoner of war. He eventually would return a war hero.
Louie 在1936年参与柏林奥运会的长跑项目。当战争来临时候,他被列入美军空军轰炸机不对。1943年5月,他的飞机坠入了太平洋。他在海上漂浮了47天,最终被日军抓住,沦为战俘。最终他成为了一名战争英雄。