Thank you in spite of being very busy toglance review my cover letter, thank you! My name is zhang, a man who in hin YuBaoDing vocational and technical college graduate students HuiShen professional level 2009. After several years of QianXiu, long preparation, I finally coming to a qualified college graduates in era of the identity of the station before, receiving your chosen, and ready to oneself of the learned to give you my common cause.

I dare not prided himself is a talent, but I believe that my fighting spirit and enterprising spirit. Through the training and Alma mater their own efforts, I not only have the accounting professional required to do zhang such basic ability, meanwhile, after efforts, I successfully passed accounting exam, won the national unified accounting certificate, in addition in learning professional knowledge at the same time, I also fully use after school time to learn the computer courses and also passed the national computer level exam. In learning English, I#39;m learning college English basis, made English four levels of certificates, have a certain amount of translation, reading, speaking and writing skills, is now a higher goal.

At the same time, social competition impressed me with the importance of comprehensive development inter-disciplinary talent, in the development principles, I widely read all kinds of useful books, knowledge structure improvement. Meanwhile, rich and colorful social life and sleek and competitive learning atmosphere, make me all aspects of exercise and get a different degree test. A lot of social practice makes my ability to get a high rise, so as to enhance the quality of bears hardships and stands hard work, cultivate my good psychological quality and high sense of responsibility, set up my duties jamie#39;s infidelity working idea. "Work a harvest" has been a concept, I was persistent "Hard" is our constant criteria. In earnest to complete the study task at the same time, I also pays attention to improve his thoughts and their ability to ascend, I attended the DangKe, 37 period and achieved DangKe graduation certificate. And participated in the department of activities, such as organized session competition, games, a poetry reading etc, and in the seventh sports meeting has been awarded "excellent organizer".

Admittedly, I don't have the highest professional qualification, but I have the highest professional qualification of studious diligence and pragmatic, "jade in Du and good price, when in Chai magazine to fly" desire within big then cast, the more anxious to have bole recognition and trust. I#39;ll use my practical action to return you to my choice, with my youth and intelligence for the rapid development of social contribution! No matter what I get something, please pay attention to my future! I will be taking on a new look to meet brilliant tomorrow!