It's a dream come true for many men. Imagine coming home from a hard day's work to find every tap in your house had been re-plumbed to flow with chilled lager.

That's exactly what happened to one New Zealand man who fell victim to the ultimate in practical jokes, filmed by his friends on a battery of cameras hidden throughout his home. With the help of a local brewery the group of pals carried out the elaborate operation after their friend, identified only as Russ, went out.

Video of the prank, which is to be used as part of a viral advertising campaign, shows the men lying in wait for Russ to drive off, then crawling beneath his house to connect his mains water supply to beer kegs.

After testing the new supply, the gang rig their friend's entire home with CCTV surveillance cameras to capture his reaction to the practical joke.

They then lie in wait nearby to watch as Russ arrives home with his partner and their dog. She turns on the tap and watches in surprise as the booze flows from the tap.

Then Russ tests out the supply. 'What the hell?' he exclaims, inspecting the stream of alcoholic beverage with a sniff. 'It looks like cold beer too,' he says to his partner.

The bewildered homeowner gets into his overalls to crawl beneath his house to investigate where, monitored by his buddies on CCTV, he discovers the ruse and laughs.

A spokesman for New Zealand brewer Tui told Ninemsn that the video was a collaboration with an enterprising group of friends.
新西兰酿酒厂Tui 发言人接受Ninemsn采访时说,这段录像是与一群富有进取心的朋友合作的结果。

'It was an idea that was put up by Tui and they knew friends of people that worked at Tui,' he said. 'They're all legit mates and they are constantly playing pranks on each other so it was a match made in heaven.'

He added that no-one was paid to take part in the film. You can watch the full video of the prank on YouTube, where it has already been viewed more than 300,000 times.