As war spreads to many corners of the globe, children sadly have been drawn into the centre of conflicts. In Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Colombia, however, groups of children have been taking part in peace education __1__. The children, after learning to resolve conflicts, took on the __2__ of peacemakers. The Children's Movement for Peace in Colombia was even nominated (提名) for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998. Groups of children __3__ as peacemakers studied human rights and poverty issues in Colombia, eventually forming a group with five other schools in Bogotá known as The Schools of Peace.

The classroom __4__ opportunities for children to replace angry, violent behaviors with __5__, peaceful ones. It is in the classroom that caring and respect for each person empowers children to take a step __6__ toward becoming peacemakers. Fortunately, educators have access to many online resources that are __7__ useful when helping children along the path to peace. The Young Peacemakers Club, started in 1992, provides a Website with resources for teachers and __8__ on starting a Kindness Campaign. The World Centres of Compassion for Children International call attention to children's rights and how to help the __9__ of war. Starting a Peacemakers' Club is a praiseworthy venture for a class and one that could spread to other classrooms and ideally affect the culture of the __10__ school.

[A] acting
[B] assuming
[C] comprehensive
[D] cooperative
[E] entire
[F] especially
[G] forward
[H] images
[I] information
[J] offers
[K] projects
[L] respectively
[M] role
[N] technology
[O] victims


1. 【答案】 K
【精析】 名词辨析题。根据句意,空格处缺少名词,意为"活动,项目"。 H)images意为"影像,图像";O)victims 意为"受害者",均与句意不符。

2. 【答案】 M
【精析】 名词辨析题。空格位于定冠词the之后,介词of之前,缺少名词,与took on the...of搭配,因此选M)role"角色"。A)acting 意思接近句意,但是不能和took on the...of 搭配。

3. 【答案】 A
【精析】 动词辨析题。空格句谓语动词为studied,因此as peacemakers作主语Groups of children的定语,as意为"是,作为"。此处应用现在分词作定语,选项中的另一个现在分词为B)assuming意为"假设",不符合句意。

4. 【答案】  J
【精析】 动词辨析题。空格处缺少谓语,直接宾语为opportunities,需要及物动词。答案只能选offer。

5. 【答案】  D
【精析】 形容词辨析题。空格处单词作ones的定语,与peaceful并列,意义应该与angry相反。cooperative 意为"合作的"。 C)comprehensive意为"理解的,广泛的",意义不符。

6. 【答案】  G
【精析】 副词辨析题。空格位于take a step之后,介词toward之前,需要副词。孩子需要向前迈进一步成为和平缔造者。take a step forward"向前迈进一步"。 L)respectively意为"分别地",意义不符。

7. 【答案】 F
【精析】 副词辨析题。空格位于be动词与表语useful之间,需要副词修饰useful。especially符合题意。

8. 【答案】 I
【精析】 名词辨析题。空格处需要名词,意义与resources 或者teachers 并列。image为名词,看似与resources并列,但意义不如information恰当。

9. 【答案】 O
【精析】 名词辨析题。空格位于定冠词the之后,介词of之前,缺少名词,要帮助的应该是孩子--战争的受害者。

10. 【答案】 E
【精析】 形容词辨析题。空格位于定冠词the之后,名词school之前,缺少定语。根据文章意思,先在一个班级创建和平缔造者俱乐部,然后扩展到其他班,最后影响到整个学校的文化氛围。entire"整个"符合题意。