A bookless life is an incomplete life. Books influence the depth and breadth of life. They meet the natural __1__ for freedom, for expression, for creativity and beauty of life. Learners, therefore, must have books, and the right type of book, for the satisfaction of their need. Readers turn __2__ to books because their curiosity concerning all manners of things, their eagerness to share in the experiences of others and their need to __3__ from their own limited environment lead them to find in books food for the mind and the spirit. Through their reading they find a deeper significance to life as books acquaint them with life in the world as it was and it is now. They are presented with a __4__ of human experiences and come to __5__ other ways of thought and living. And while __6__ their own relationships and responses to life, the readers often find that the __7__ in their stories are going through similar adjustments, which help to clarify and give significance to their own.

Books provide __8__ material for readers' imagination to grow. Imagination is a valuable quality and a motivating power, and stimulates achievement. While enriching their imagination, books __9__ their outlook, develop a fact-finding attitude and train them to use leisure __10__. The social and educational significance of the readers' books cannot be overestimated in an academic library.

[A] abundant
[B] characters
[C] communicating
[D] completely
[E] derive
[F] desire
[G] diversity
[H] escape
[I] establishing
[J] narrow
[K] naturally
[L] personnel
[M] properly
[N] respect
[O] widen