The first modern Olympic Games was held in Athens(雅典) in 1896 and only twelve nations participated. Besides the host nation participants were tourists who __1__to be in Greece at the time. Though the whole affair was __2__ and the standard was not high, the old principle of amateur sport was kept up. Since then the games had been held every four years except during the __3__ of the two World War. This was__4__ a departure from the old Olympic spirit when wars had to stop and make way for the games. The games have grown enormously in scale and __5__ performances have now reached unprecedented heights. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about their __6__ standard. Instead of Olympia, the modern games are now held in differentcities all over the world. Inevitably politics and commercialismget involved as countries vie each other for(为......而互相竞争) the __7__ to hold the games because of the political prestige and commercial profit to be __8__ out of them. In the 11th games held in Berlin in 1936, Hitler who had newly come to __9__ in Germany tried to use the occasion for his Nazi propaganda. For the first time the Olympic flame was brought all the way from Olympia to the games site in relays, a marathon journey now often taking months to __10__.

[A] honour
[B] accomplish
[C] had
[D] moral
[E] arrive
[F] occured
[G] end
[H] power
[I] happened
[J] definitely
[K] Physical
[L] informal
[M] interruption
[N] especially
[O] irregular


1. 选I
2. 选L
3. 选M
4. 选J
5. 选K
6. 选D
7. 选A
8. 选C
9. 选H
10. 选B