With nearly two dozen beautiful hanging baskets sporting a stunning array of coloured begonias, Joe Robinson's garden is the envy of his neghbours.

But while the 74-year-old's efforts draw compliments from friends and complete strangers, Joe will never see the fruits of his labours - he is completely blind.

Joe lost his sight completely after developing an eye condition 20 years ago but his green-fingers didn't lose their touch.

He creates his pride and joy in the village of Crook, County Durham, using only his sense of smell and touch and has even won awards for his efforts.

Former factory worker Joe said: 'When I became totally blind it never occurred to me to stop - although I can’t see what I’m doing, I work by sense of touch and smell.

'At first I did worry I wouldn’t be able to grow things so well but people come from all over to see the garden, we even had a couple from New Zealand drop in recently.'

Joe's wife Heather is allergic to flowers so is unable to help in the garden, but the couple's grandson Jamie hangs the baskets and helps tidy the garden.