On screen as Lady Mary Crawley, she is still mourning the loss of her husband.But this is the Irish charmer who is giving Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery plenty to smile about in real life, the Daily Mail can reveal. The actress has been seeing financial PR John Dineen for several weeks.
电视里的大小姐还沉浸在丈夫逝去的悲痛中,但是《唐顿庄园》大小姐的扮演者米歇尔•道克瑞在现实生活中则多了很多笑容。据Daily Mail报道,这位爱尔兰演员和金融公关集团的约翰•迪宁约会数周了。

She was pictured at the weekend strolling with the dark-haired 31-year-old and exchanging kisses in the Venice sunshine.

For the couple were introduced by Allen Leech, who plays chauffeur Tom Branson in Downton.
这对儿是由《在唐顿庄园》里饰演司机Tom Branson的艾伦•里奇介绍认识的。

Mr Dineen, an Irish-born senior director with FTI Consulting, lives near the actress in Clerkenwell, Central London.