After rumors starting spreading in April that the Friends cast was going to reunite, many fans of the NBC sitcom were fooled — and surprisingly, one of the show's stars.

"The graphic for this one thing was unbelievable," Lisa Kudrow said on Conan, describing the website that touted the Friends reunion. "It looked really real. And then they were posting this article and the headline was like, 'NBC Confirms Five Out of the Six Friends Are In,' and I went, 'Oh my God, they didn't ask me!'"
“如果是真的,这对所有人来说肯定都是意义非凡的,”Lisa Kudrow最近在《柯南秀》上说到自己从网上看到《老友记》的老友们要重聚时说。“这则消息看起来真的不像是假消息。当时那则消息里写着‘NBC电视台已经确认《老友记》中5个主演已经确定加入’,我当时就想,‘天哪!他们怎么没问我!’”

Kudrow realized her mistake before calling her co-stars to ask why she was snubbed. But Kudrow also said she felt bad for recently saying the Friends reunion would never happen.