Coldplay's first single in more than a year will appear on the new "Hunger Games" soundtrack.

"Atlas" is debut on Aug. 26 and marks the band's first time contributing a new song to a film, according to a press release from Lionsgate and Republic Records.

"I have great respect and admiration for Coldplay, and we are thrilled with how well they have connected to the themes and ideas within the film," said "Catching Fire" director Francis Lawrence. "Their unwavering passion and excitement for the project elevated the collaboration even further, and we can't wait to share this music with audiences around the world."


酷玩乐队即将推出新歌《Atlas》!酷玩乐队将于本月26日推出一首收录在《饥饿游戏2:星火燎原》原声带的新歌《Atlas》,这将是该原声带的首单。酷玩乐队也在推特上公布了歌词。影片导演弗朗西斯·劳伦斯(Francis Lawrence)表示自己很欣赏酷玩乐队,并称他们的加入让自己非常激动。电影将于今年11月22日上映。