iPhone owners are vainer and spend more on clothes and grooming than those who have BlackBerrys and Android phones, new research claims.

BlackBerry owners earn the most and are more likely to have long-term relationships, while people with Android handsets have the best manners.

The study, commissioned by TalkTalk Mobile, surveyed 2,000 owners of the three major smartphone brands to determine whether the choice of handset was an extension of their personality.

Other results from the study found that people with an iPhone are more image conscious and generally rate themselves more attractive than those with other handsets.

BlackBerry owners, however, are busier, send more messages and emails and make more calls than their Apple opposites. They also earn nearly two and a half thousand pounds a year more than other smartphone owners, with an average salary of £27,406. The research found those with a BlackBerry are also more likely to have long-term relationships, be more social and have more friends overall.

Android owners were found to be watch more TV than others and drink the most alchohol - consuming more in an average week than iPhone and BlackBerry drinkers.

Dan Meader, Director of Mobile at TalkTalk, said: “Many of us have our mobile phones on us almost constantly so they do become an extension of us in many ways.”
TalkTalk手机部负责人Dan Meader表示,“我们很多人会一直把手机带在身上,所以手机在很多方面都成为我们生活的延伸。”

“It's interesting to see then how the choice in handset may reflect different aspects of personality and the results do reveal some quirky differences. Once you see yourself as a certain type of phone user, it can become a huge part of the way you live your life and people tend to subscribe to the one they feel suits them best.”

“Of course, simply buying a certain type of phone doesn't mean your personality or way of living immediately changes, but the results could suggest that certain types of personality are drawn to different features and functions of certain handsets.”