Lisa Kudrow got a little nostalgic with her former Friends costar Matthew Perry when he filled in as guest host on Piers Morgan Tonight Friday.

The pair reminisced about how much they enjoyed working on the iconic sitcom, which ended nine years ago, and Perry, 43, admitted, "If I had a time machine, I would like to go back to 2004 and not have stopped."

Kudrow agreed: "If it were up to us, you know, individually, then yes. I would keep going … We had a lot of fun."

The pair were asked by CNN producers to pick their favorite moment from the show, and they both chose the same scene – the one where Phoebe and Chandler are about to kiss, and he admits he's in love with Monica (played by Courteney Cox).

"That was hilarious. I forgot how much fun we were having," Perry said after they watched the clip. Then he asked Kudrow, 49, who was the best kisser on the show.

"Say it's me," he told Kudrow.

"It's you," she replied.

"It's me. Great!" he responded.


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