Royal Baby 1

The world has seen the royal baby for the first time as the future king left hospital with his ecstatic parents yesterday evening, who revealed they had not yet chosen him a name.

Royal Baby 2

Speaking for the first time since giving birth, an obviously moved Duchess of Cambridge said: 'It's been very emotional. Any parent will know what this feeling is like.'

Royal Baby 3

'He's a big boy, quite heavy. We're still working on a name,' William told reporters, adding: 'Well he has a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure.'

Royal Baby 4

Confirming that the prince was overdue, William said: ‘I will remind him of his tardiness when he is older.’

Royal Baby 5

With a huge smile he then added: ‘He’s got her looks thankfully’ to which the Duchess responded ‘No, no, no I’m not sure about that. She revealed that her clearly hands-on husband had already changed his first nappy.’
他还笑着说道:“还好他长得像妈妈。” 但凯特王妃回答说:“不不,这个我还不确定。”凯特还透露,这位亲力亲为的丈夫已经换过了孩子的第一片尿布。

Royal Baby 6

Their child is now third in the line of succession, displacing Prince Harry to fourth and the Duke of York to fifth, although he may not become sovereign for half a century or more.

Royal Baby 7

Palace officials confirmed for the first time last night that the couple will not have a nanny and rely upon their families help instead, saying: 'They have both got families that will care hugely for this baby.'

Royal Baby 8

Meanwhile, last night the Queen told guests at a Buckingham Palace reception she was 'thrilled' at the birth of her great-grandson.

Royal Baby 9

Earlier the royal baby's grandparents met him for the first time, and soon afterwards Kensington Palace confirmed the Duke, Duchess and baby would leave hospital.