The Big Bang Theory hit San Diego on Friday for a panel with executive producers Steve Molaro and Bill Prady, as well as a slew of writers from the CBS series. Below, the cast and writers shared a few facts you may not know about the series, including some scoop on the upcoming season:
当地时间上周五,《生活大爆炸》剧组现身圣迭戈动漫展,执行制片人Steve Molaro和Bill Prady以及CBS电视台的多位编剧都到了现场。下面是《生活大爆炸》的演员们和编剧们与我们分享的一些你可能不知道的内幕,也包括下一季的剧透哦:

1. The story line in which Bernadette (Rauch) gets sick upon Wolowitz's (Simon Helberg) return from space was inspired by showrunner Steve Molaro's disastrous wedding night, when he was so ill that he couldn't consummate the marriage.
1. Wolowitz从太空回来后发现Bernadette病了(但他非常想和她行房)的故事灵感来源于节目运作人Steve Molaro悲催的现实生活,他在婚礼之夜生病,导致无法入洞房。

2. The writers still haven't decided which of the guys will get tenure at work, but we should find out soon.
2. 编剧们还未决定究竟哪个角色可以得到终身职位,但我们应该马上就会知道了。

3. Howard Wolowitz is named after Prady's former computer programming partner.
3. Howard Wolowitz这个名字来自于Prady以前的计算机程序员搭档。

4. Mayim Bialik is a scientist in real life, "I'm actually a 6-foot-4 African-American dude," Rauch joked, before the writers added that, like the central quartet of characters, they too get excited to hang out with Kaley Cuoco.
4. Mayim Bialik在现实中就是一位科学家,“我其实是个6.4英尺高的非裔美国人,”Rauch开玩笑说,编剧接着说,就像四个主人公一样,他们也热衷于和Kaley Cuoco一起出去。

5. Amy (Bialik) and Sheldon's (Jim Parsons) relationship will continue at a glacial pace this season, but naturally, Amy will push for more. "Amy will continue to try to get her way," Molaro said. "It always baffles me how much Amy has gotten Sheldon to move," Prady added.
5. Amy与谢耳朵的关系在这一季还是发展缓慢,但是Amy会使两人的关系更进一步。“艾米会尝试用自己的方式突破的”,Molaro说。Prady又补充到:“Amy究竟已经改变了谢耳朵多少,这一点也一直困扰着我。”

6. The writers have discussed having Raj's parents come to Pasadena at some point. As for Mrs. Wolowitz, whom we've seen small portions of over the years, they joked that TVs will need to have wider screens to really get a look at her.
6. 编剧们也讨论了让Raj的父母实际现身。至于Wolowitz太太,我们几年来只看到过局部,他们笑称电视屏幕得再宽点才能看到她。

7. As for the upcoming season, we will see Leonard (Galecki) working on the research ship, Raj (Kunal Nayyar) will be talking to women more, and Bernadette and Amy will take their first trip together without Penny (Cuoco).
7. 在第七季中,我们还将看到Leonard扬帆起航,踏上研究之旅。Raj将和女性有更多的交流,观众还将看到Bernadette与Amy的第一次共同旅行,没有Penny随行哦。


比如Johnny Galecki(Leonard扮演者)装扮成《星球大战》中Leia公主的赏金猎人模样混在粉丝中间,还向编剧们提问,随后才揭下面具露出真容。

"Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait."