There are still a lot of ladies out there who believe it is, well, unladylike to ask out a man. Why is this still a thing? We can be strong and career-driven but we still have to wait around and hope a man asks us out in order to go on a date? That's just crazy talk. If you've ever wanted to ask out a guy, or you ever do in the future, here are six reasons you should go for it.

1. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

So it's a little scary. So you're afraid of rejection. And yes, getting rejected might make you a little sad. But in the end, getting rejected will just make you realize that it's not a big deal. You lived through it, time to move on and ask out some more guys!

2. Because you want to.

Unfortunately we can't always get what we want. But you'll never know unless you try. You should always go after the things you want, because they might not realize that you want them.

3. Because he's been flirting with you and it's driving you crazy.

Girl, listen. If this guy is flirting with you incessantly, he either likes you or he's an asshole. If you ask him out and and he says yes, congratulations. I hope you guys end up being super compatible and have lots of babies together. If you ask him out and he says no, but continues to flirt with you, now you know he's an asshole. You're welcome.

4. He might not even realize.

Much like you are sitting there, have a good time with your friend who you've been pining after for years (or that guy you met tonight who is just SO cute and funny), over-analyzing everything, thinking if he hasn't made a move by now he can't possibly be interested, I've got a news flash for you: The guy could be thinking the same exact thing. Crazy, right? But true. So just ask. Or make your move. Because otherwise…

5. You'll regret it if you don't.

If you just keep flirting with him (or worse, just kind of existing near him) hoping he'll "get the hint" and nothing ever happens, you'll regret it. You'll always wonder. There is no hint quite as strong as, "Do you wanna go out some time?"
如果你只是继续和他调情(或者更糟糕的话,只是出现在他身边),希望他能够“明白你的暗示”,然而却什么都没有发生,你会后悔的。你会一直怀疑自己。没有什么比“你愿意和我一起出来玩吗” 更强烈的暗示了。

6. You'll probably never see him again, anyway.

This doesn't apply to every situation, but it does apply to most adult situations. So honestly, what could you possibly have to lose?