Hungry for some ice cream? You probably won't be after watching this advertisement.

Philadelphia-based ice cream shop Little Baby's Ice Cream recently released an ad titled "This is a Special Time". If the idea was to destroy viewers' ice cream appetites forever, they may have just succeeded.
来自美国费城的冰激凌店“小宝宝的冰激凌”日前发布了一款名为"This is a Special Time"的广告。如果这个广告创意是打算让观看者以后再也不想吃冰激凌了,那他们成功了。

The spot, which runs a little over a minute, features a man covered in what appears to be vanilla ice cream, staring wide-eyed into the camera. As a voiceover begins waxing poetic about the quality of the man's skin, he begins using a spoon to scoop and eat ice cream from the top of his own head, never breaking his gaze with the viewer.

At one point, the enthusiastic narrator remarks: "When you eat Little Baby's Ice Cream you'll wink and nod and hug and high five each other with great enthusiasm." He forgot to add that you might never sleep again.
视频某处,这位激情的旁白者叙述道:“当你吃小宝宝的冰激凌时,你会满怀热情地和同伴眨眼、点头、拥抱和击掌”。 他忘了说了,你可能还会被吓得睡不着。

While the ad may be strange, it has all the markings of a potential viral hit and follows in the footsteps of Little Baby's similarly creepy "Love Lickers" ad, released in May.
这则广告看起来虽然很奇怪,但预测广告会成为网络点击热门。该冰激凌店在五月还发布过一个叫"Love Lickers"的广告,这两则广告的诡异风格很相似。

The shop offers hand-made, super-premium ice cream made from 16 percent butter fat as well as vegan friendly, non-dairy frozen desserts. However, it does not offer therapy for those scarred by the "This is a Special Time" experience.