Prepare to geek out, Arrow fans.

Multiple sources confirm that Summer Glau has sign on to recur on Arrow Season 2. She will come on board as Isabel Rochev, Vice President of Acquisitions of Stellmoor International, an organization looking to take over Queen Consolidated.
众多消息证实,莎莫·格劳(Summer Glau)已同《绿箭侠》第二季签订循环角色的合同,饰演伊莎贝尔·罗切夫(Isabel Rochev)——斯特尔摩国际收购的副总裁。而该企业想要吞并奎恩集团。

The character is referred to as "The Queen" in the comic book series and - QUASI SPOILER ALERT! - she ends up taking over as CEO of Queen Industries after the death of Oliver's father. She also has a major beef with Oliver and Moira. Again, in the comic at least.

On the show side, Isabel's name appeared in Robert's book during a quick scene on Season 1.

Among other roles, Glau has appeared on Firefly, Dollhouse and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Arrow Season 2, meanwhile, premieres on Wednesday, October 9 at 8/7 on The CW.